“I Am Back to What I Know. It Frightens Me” by Matthew Chylak

I haven’t learned to write poems
where the basketball leaves my hand, flies through the air
and spontaneously combusts.

I mine experience, mine
or someone else’s, using cheap
red wine as a refrain.

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“God and Research Materials” by Marion Smallwood

how about that pistol in my mouth like a cherry
on top of that sunday

morning, when i closed the blinds
so the missionaries wouldn’t know i was home.

there was a god in their motion detectors
and a little demon in my sadness

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“Seven Conversations with Neil” by Kristen Kelly

Now, when I think about that first summer in the city, it’s not the work that I was doing (even though I suppose that I liked the job alright) or about the friends that I made (even though I guess I liked them too). It always cycles back to the building I was living in, or the cat that I had found, or Neil. It’s funny, because living in that building was chance more than anything else, and the cat was sort of an accident that I never meant to keep, and I suppose Neil was a little bit of both.

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“Topography” by Shoshana Akabas

I am thinking about gashes. Open wounds that cut into the fibers of each muscle. Layers of skin peeled back one at a time like turning the pages of a book. The top layer is the color of dried apricots and the deepest layer is crimson.

“Tell me what you’re thinking about,” she asks. Her hair is pinned into a bun and she looks like an ostrich.

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“O” by Elan Kiderman


but do you or don’t you

own a figurine modeled after my figure modeled after me is it shriveled up at the brain

because it’s ok if you do, i mean, i have one of you too except for that it doesn’t even have a brain at all but i’m just curious seeing as when i snap the arm off of yours i feel a sharp pain at the shoulder and i was wondering well if you did the same to yours would i feel it too and i have some corrections for it Continue reading