“Crystallize” by Austin Levitt

hush my darling.
don’t fear my darling.
the lion dreamt a griffin.

i witnessed a single neuron
move. the phosphorus toothpick
set the forest ablaze.

the sky: her accent was allure.
crisp as the edge of a fijian postcard
she held me like calypso.

the breeze bore auroras.
speckled chicks breathed
to a drummer kicking.

slanted red bricks were occupied
by heat phantoms. we hid
in cherry blossoms. they said

questioning existence is for children.
do the color-blind dream
in color? why yes, we learned.

we spun on our heads
in the grass wondering
why do we wear shirts.

in revolution, time lost
all meaning. music is simple
air trembling with emotion.

there was no horizon
so we traced haikus in the dirt.
words slipped like water lilies:

our irises met
sunlight playing in snowflakes
on still fingertips

shiva told me we’re all
narcoleptic. boxing with shadows
all the world’s a stage.

beauty elopes with extremity,
i shivered. this wavelength reverberated
through other dimensions.

fibonacci built the flowers we plucked.
sweat formed perfect spheres on our foreheads
like water does in space.

i am becoming aqueous,
the ultimate conductor,
i, the dissolving moment.

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