“[I was mad enough to love you]” by Leora Mincer

I was mad enough to love you
forgetting all I knew
about how people
breathe in confidence
with skin-tight denim and backless silk.
The leaves turn green to red to brown
and the cold hugs your chest.
But I sat perched in the limbs of
an evergreen tree
and watched the creatures
with shiny teeth grin
in the clearing just beyond.
You can swim in sunlight
if one hand shields your eyes.
And I waited for the seasons
spinning grand circles
on a delirious merry-go-round,
your blurred imprint
forever just ahead and just behind.
Monkey hands glint
climbing a sideways ladder to safety.
I saw the meadow
and dared the grass to grow,
but when no one was looking
I swung with stubby legs outstretched
the tips of my toes never touching the sky.
In the shadows at the edges
proud spruces sprout.
But I was mad enough to watch
only that which blinded me,
speared by eternal emerald needles
I wanted nothing more than to fall
to ignominious infinity.


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