“A-Fib” by Synae La

i knew it was never simply a hollow muscle
designed to facilitate
the transportation
of blood
never placed strategically within my thoracic cavity
an area only paralleled by development of breath
circulatory systems of inequalities
that turn into
romantic icons treasured by the universe nonetheless
retaining their value at < 3

it expanded and contracted a warrant so believable
i was humbled by
stuck behind membranes
and caught between capillaries
all so densely intertwined that there was no hope for help from a
transport which left me surrounded
enclosed within cell walls only permeable to that which promised not to break them
although the only way to exit was through this exact disruption a victim of
cardiac arrest
because it was never simple

it beat irregularly
stayed hooked to monitors, ventilators, and ekgs that forced me to keep
going despite failure
because giving up wasn’t an option its rhythm frail
and so defective
it infected
my idea of love
but one did fail
and mine responded so intensely the pain was no longer figurative
as it moved from head to toe pulsing away in arteries and
providing life support in vain
simplicity was jail broken
classified as a heart under attack


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