“The Little Patriot” by Daniel Finkel

Daily Schedule:

6:00.  Begin work/clean-up duties.

7:00.  Sing national anthem in deep, baritone voice.

8:00.  Leave Main/Central/Hive/Matrix.

9:00.  Forage for building materials.

10:00.  Return to Main/Central/Hive/Matrix.

11:00.  Deliver building materials to overseer.

12:00.  Sing national anthem again.

1:00.  Listen to Highest/Majesty/Exalted’s address.

2:00.  War!

3:00.  Win war.  Kill enemy drone/workers.  Crush enemy Main/Central/Hive/Matrix.

4:00.  Sing national anthem again!

5:00.  Return to barracks.  Await new/more orders.


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