Issue 47.2 (Spring)

Editor’s Note

Dear Reader,

Many of us are secret, or not-so-secret, cataloguers. We comb through our tangled lives, lifting out an image here, a talisman there. We burnish our collections, hoping they will fit into just the right compartments, well-turned shelves, and funny text messages.

In this year’s spring volume of The Penn Review, you will find an arrangement of the images your fellow cataloguers have bravely shared—the grin of Death, spilling stars, and lovers’ marks carved into trees. I thank the artists and writers for giving us these glimpses. I thank, as well, the editorial board, for turning up sleeves each week and culling this volume.

I hope you will enjoy these works. Perhaps they will resonate with your own catalogues.

Linda Wang
Editor-in-Chief, 2014-2015


Polysynthesis” by Erica Cervantes
She” by Christopher Gorrie
Trace the lines of my veins with your fingertips (we really never should have started)” by Isabel Kim
A-Fib” by Synae La
Jacksonville” by Dia Sotiropoulou
Still Life of Death and Pomegranates (Persephone Descending)” by Isabel Kim
Marcia, Spring Valley” by Maegan Cadet
The Little Patriot” by Daniel Finkel
Collector” by Diamond Irwin
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” by Maya Afilalo
Eleanor, a Girl” by Zoe Stoller
No Quiet” by Pallavi Wakharkar
To a Nephew (Not Yet One Year Old)” by Diamond Irwin
The Night I Saw God Laugh” by Caroline Kim
Tea Set” by Tamra Carraher
The Raincoat” by Ayla Fudala
Why I Am Obsessed with Death and Why It Makes Me Happy” by Jason Choi
Volumes” by Ryan Ruser
Farah and the Devil” by Ayla Fudala
The Plaster Cast” by Kyle Toth
Reflections on Logan Circle” by Pallavi Wakharkhar
Winter’s Night” by Logan Tamburo
They All Return in Grays and Blues” by Ailin Cao

[Visual Arts]

Cover: “Denial” by Emily Urban
Benjamin Finkel: “Child of the Mind”
Ayla Fudala: “Cambridge”
Caroline Kim: “Train of Thought”, “Picking Up the Pieces from the Fall”, “Pick Me”
Blake Myers: “For Show”, “Martyr”
Riley Nelson: “Large Appetite”, “Untitled”, “Burrito Monster”, “Elongated Ancestors”
Emily Urban: “Fake Smile”, “Untitled”, “Dollface”, “Crash”, “Untitled”, “It’s Been a Long Day”, “Untitled”
Terrill Warrenburg: “Organic Wave”, “Color Under My Skin”, “Glisten”
Jun Xia: “Valentine’s Day 2”
Albert Xiao: “The Night I Saw God Laugh”